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How To Grow a Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly pear cacti aren't just gorgeous, but they're also delicious. The edible fruit makes a refreshing addition to frosty beverages, and it's even used to make jelly and syrup. Wildlife enjoy snacking on the juicy fruits as well.

If you want to learn how to propagate a prickly pear cactus, The Cactus Outlet explains everything you need to know below. And if you're looking for prickly pears for sale, check out our great selection now.

How To Grow a Prickly Pear Cactus in Four Steps

If you've never grown a plant before, the prickly pear is a good cactus to start with. It propagates easily, making it a great pick for beginners.

The ideal growing season for this plant is Spring through Summer, starting when you first see new pads emerging, indicating the prickly pear is in growth mode.  Here's how to propagate your prickly pear.

1. Extract Your Cutting

First, select the pad that you want to use to make your new plant. Use gloves and a hand pruner so that you can gently cut off the pad you are selecting for propagation.  Cut your selected pad from where it meets the pad below.  Repeat this process and gather as many as you think you need in case the propagation process fails.  Propagation by cuttings typically has a 50% success rate.  

2. Dry Pads

After you cut your pads, dry them out for five days.  You want a dry callus where you made your cut before planting.  Planting in soil before the cut site is dry will induce rot.  

3. Gather Your Soil and Plant

The next step in how to propagate a prickly pear cactus is to prepare the pot where your cactus will grow. Pick a large container with plenty of space and enough drainage holes to keep the soil from getting too wet when you water.  Use a general purpose cactus and succulent soil for planting.  The Cactus Outlet offers growers cactus soil for purchase.  The exact mix we use on the farm.  

When you plant, place the prickly pears upright in the pot and bury the pad ⅓ into the soil.  Pack the soil around the base of the prickly pears firmly.

4. Water Well

After planting your prickly pear pads, wait one week before watering.  Water thoroughly.  You always want to see some drainage coming from the bottom of the pot to indicate the soil has received a thorough soak.  Do not water again until the soil is completely dry.  It could be 1-4 weeks before you water again, depending on your individual growing conditions.  New emerging pad growth off of your cutting is the best indicator that you have succeeded in rooting in your new prickly pear.

Work With The Cactus Outlet

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