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The Santa Rita x Beavertail Hybrid features beavertail shaped purple tinged pads and gorgeous pink flowers. Tends to grow to 2'x2' at maturity.

Prickly Pear design and application suggestions:

Opuntias, the prickly pear family of cacti, can be used in many different ways. In the landscape, the prickly pear family can be used as a very nice contrast to other cacti and succulents. The rounded pads, beautiful flowers of yellow, orange, red and pink plus different pad colors and sizes offer distinguished contrast in the landscape or in a nice container. Some prickly pear species can be used as a succulent groundcover. Some prickly pears, like the Santa Rita “purple” prickly pear, are ideal as unique pieces interspersed throughout the landscape or a nice contrast to a group of cacti and succulents in pots. Prickly pears are also very forgiving. They will tolerate the hottest parts of your landscape and like it! The prickly pear family also thrives on very little water and can take very cold overnight temperatures.

Why purchase our Prickly Pear?

Our prickly pears are grown in their native habitat right here in Southern Arizona. Raised outdoors with just the right amount of water and fertilizer, they come to you in their natural form. These plants do not come to you from a greenhouse. They are already hardy to whatever growing conditions you have to offer. You will not see any evidence of pads getting skinny and reaching for light. The prickly pears present the same appearance as you will find them in their native habitats.

If you want to plant them in a container for a sunroom, patio or window planter, great! If you want to take your new prickly pear cacti and plant them in the ground, also great! No acclimation needed. Our plants are ready to go!

Reliable packaging and shipping

We strive to offer the most healthy cacti and succulents you can find anywhere that are shipped right to your door. Our plants are professionally packaged with expertise honed by shipping amazing plants to customers like you for over 20 years. Our packaging process ensures a bare minimum of damaged orders. All of our plants are wrapped in bubble wrap and tape, which should not be taken off until your plant is in its final home. The bubble wrap offers you and the plant additional protection while planting. All of our plants are shipped bare root.

Customer Reviews

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Carl Kocher

Nice cactus

Jeffrey Johnson
Very happy

Very sizable cutting. It has filled out which means it has rooted. It's looking beautiful. I'm very happy.

Claude Allen
Cactus in east Tennessee

So far so good!

Cecilia Levin
Perfect fit for my dish garden

I was scrolling through The Cactus Outlet when I found this amazing cactus! It was the perfect fit for my dish garden. It was delivered in a timely manner, and the way it was packaged allowed me t9o get it in my decorative pot quickly and easily

Khloe Munro
What an interesting mix

Loved this hybrid. Very cool mix between two of my favorite prickly pears.