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Also known as Echinocactus Grussoni. This beautiful golden spined barrel cactus grows to be 2' feet tall x 3 feet wide and is striking in a pot or in a landscape. Yellow flowers bloom in the Summer. Cold hardy to the mid twenties.

Barrel design and application suggestions:

Barrel cacti are very low maintenance and offer subtle beauty and interest. Our golden and red barrels offer great low maintenance color options for container gardeners or those looking to spruce up a landscape. A potted arrangement of cacti and succulents can always use a few barrel cacti for interest and contrast. In the landscape in suitable environments, barrel cacti look phenomenal in groupings. Barrel cacti will take relentless all day sun and moderate cold to the low twenties at night.

Why purchase our Barrel Cacti?

Our barrel cacti are grown in their native habitat right here in Southern Arizona. Raised outdoors with just the right amount of water and fertilizer, they come to you in their natural form. These plants do not come to you from a greenhouse. They are already hardy to whatever growing conditions you have to offer. Our barrel cacti present the same appearance as you will find them in their native habitats.

If you want to plant them in a container for a sunroom, patio or window planter, great! If you want to take your agaves and plant them in the ground, also great! No acclimation needed. Our plants are ready to go!

Reliable packaging and shipping

We strive to offer the most healthy cacti and succulents you can find anywhere that are shipped right to your door. Our plants are professionally packaged with expertise honed by shipping amazing plants to customers like you for over 20 years. Our packaging process ensures a bare minimum of damaged orders. All of our plants are wrapped in bubble wrap and tape, which should not be taken off until your plant is in its final home. The bubble wrap offers you and the plant additional protection while planting.

Customer Reviews

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R Haynes
Beautiful Barrel

Arrived safe and sound. Beautiful, well cared for stock, shipped safely to my door.

mark simon

nice stuff

christine mcdonald
barrel cactus

arrived in perfect condition. absolutly perfect and cactus
is every bit what it said it would be

Nia Mellor
Great shape to it

these cacti are basically perfectly round and look good on either side of my front door step.

Connor Harmon
Good if you like Yellow

I wanted some new Cacti, but was trying to stay away from the traditional green color you think of. These Golden Barrels feature a lovely yellow color that really makes them pop! I haven't seen the flowers bloom yet, but I heard they are just as beautiful of a yellow as on the plant itself.