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Cereus peruvianus. This large multi-column cactus features night blooming flowers and large red fruit. The large red fruit is the "Peruvian apple". It will grow over 10 feet tall with multiple stems when planted in the ground. Native to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. Not found in Peru despite the botanical name. Also called Cereus repandus.

Columnar Cacti design and application suggestions:

Columnar cacti are impactful and dramatic. Frame an entryway, put one in an office corner that is just screaming for something interesting or if you are lucky to live in a suitable outdoor environment, install a few columnar cacti in the landscape for dramatic effect. Our columnar cacti are equally happy in a decorative pot or planted in the ground.

Our columnar cacti offer you different colors and growth forms. The totem pole and curiosity cacti have very interesting growth habits. The Mexican fence post, peruvian apple, organ pipe, saguaro and senita offer elegance and presence. The curiosity cacti, silver and golden torch offer splashes of color to integrate with your space.

Why purchase our Columnar Cacti?

Our columnar cacti are grown in their native habitat right here in Southern Arizona. Raised outdoors with just the right amount of water and fertilizer, they come to you in their natural form. These plants do not come to you from a greenhouse. They are already hardy to whatever growing conditions you have to offer. Our columnar cacti present the same appearance as you will find them in their native habitats.

If you want to plant them in a container for a sunroom, patio or window planter, great! If you want to take your columnar cacti and plant them in the ground, also great! No acclimation needed. Our plants are ready to go!

Reliable packaging and shipping

We strive to offer the most healthy cacti and succulents you can find anywhere that are shipped right to your door. Our plants are professionally packaged with expertise honed by shipping amazing plants to customers like you for over 20 years. Our packaging process ensures a bare minimum of damaged orders. All of our plants are wrapped in bubble wrap and tape, which should not be taken off until your plant is in its final home. The bubble wrap offers you and the plant additional protection while planting. All of our plants are shipped bare root.

Customer Reviews

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Linda Carter
Perfect addition!

We wanted a cactus in our backyard and the Peruvian Apple was perfect! We may be getting another one.

Warren Potter
1st online purchase

apple excellent. second purchase mex fence post not so much.

John Quinn
Shoutout to the Cactus Outlet!!!

Shoutout to the whole team here for taking good care of my new cactus. They were more than happy to answer my pre-purchase and post-purchase questions and ensured my plant arrived to me safe & sound. Thank you for caring about your plants and customers!!

Flora Downs
love love LOVE

grows to be large with proper care. I haven't seen any of the red fruits on mine yet, but I'm sure that will come during the right season for them to grow.

Theo Combs
I cannot wait to get more of these

I've never owned a Peruvian Apple before, but find that it is extremely easy to care for. I'm looking to maybe order 3 more to place around my mulching.