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This plant is a rare variegated form of the Agave celsii, which is native to higher elevations in Mexico. The mother plants in this particular lineage originated in Thailand. These agaves grow best when planted in the ground in relatively frost free climates. They also make a great container plant either indoors or on a protected patio.

Agave design and application suggestions:

Agaves are a wonderfully diverse group of plants. Agaves can be small and solitary like our Agave victoria-reginae or big and bold like our Agave americana variegata. Equally suited for container gardening or used in landscape applications with proper climate conditions. Group small and mid-sized agaves in the landscape for impact and place larger agaves to add big bold accents. You can do the same with container gardening. A mix of different sized agaves with different growth habits, leaf shapes and colors in nice containers can give any room or patio an impactful artistic boost.

Why purchase our Agave?

Our agaves are grown in their native habitat right here in Southern Arizona. Raised outdoors with just the right amount of water and fertilizer, they come to you in their natural form. These plants do not come to you from a greenhouse. They are already hardy to whatever growing conditions you have to offer. Our agaves present the same appearance as you will find them in their native habitats.

If you want to plant them in a container for a sunroom, patio or window planter, great! If you want to take your agaves and plant them in the ground, also great! No acclimation needed. Our plants are ready to go!

Reliable packaging and shipping

We strive to offer the most healthy cacti and succulents you can find anywhere that are shipped right to your door. Our plants are professionally packaged with expertise honed by shipping amazing plants to customers like you for over 20 years. Our packaging process ensures a bare minimum of damaged orders. All of our plants are wrapped in bubble wrap and tape, which should not be taken off until your plant is in its final home. The bubble wrap offers you and the plant additional protection while planting. All of our plants are shipped bare root.

Customer Reviews

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Stunning Agave

As soon as I saw this stunning agave on The Cactus Outlet I knew I had just the right place for it. It was shipped healthy and I got my agave quickly. I love the variegated color and it makes a statement in its clay pot next to my front door. Everyone who sees it loves it.

Elsa Bowes
Looks good outside my house

Came in bubble wrap, no damage to the plant. Plant looks good in the front of my house. Can't complain.

Saara Beach
Doing great!

I got my plant a few weeks ago, and it is doing great. Im from Arizona so the climate is perfect for it to grow in. A super low maintenance plant and it makes my yard look beautiful.

Adelina Le
Gorgeous & sturdy plant

This plant is beautiful. I love its shape and how it curves a little. The Celsii Multicolor is one of my favorite agaves!